Preparing Fido for a Long Road Trip

A road trip is no fun if your family pet is no fun. We know that you love your furry family member, and would never expect poor behavior from him but embarking on a long road trip can bring out a side of Fido that you’ve never experienced. As you plan for an upcoming family vacation, we encourage you to also plan how to prepare your pet for the long road trip.

Most pets are anxious to get into the car for a road trip. Therefore, practice for the voyage to make the pet more comfortable with the road trips. A few weeks before the journey, start taking your pet for short road trips. Lengthen the distance of the trip to increase the time the pet spends in the car. During these short road trips, engage your furry friend in playing with a special (and safe!) toy. Find out which toys they enjoy most when traveling. The practice will eventually make the pet psychologically ready for the trip. It will also help it to be less anxious during the long trip.

We also encourage you to make a visit to the veterinarian to discuss the overall health of your pup and find ways to work together to make the road trip a fun family experience. If you’d like to find a minivan or an SUV that would be perfect for long road trips, visit us at DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota to explore our inventory. We wish you a holiday travel season that is full of delight for all members of your family!

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