Staying Secure In The Toyota Camry

If you're trying to decide on a vehicle for your family that offers the safety features that you desire, then consider the Toyota Camry. Along with the numerous safety features available, you're still going to get a vehicle that is stylish and fun to drive.

Keep your car in your lane with stability control, a feature available on all Camry models. There are at least 10 airbags in the vehicle, ensuring that you and your passengers are safe if you're in an accident. The front seats are designed to decrease the risk of whiplash if you're in an accident as well while you're driving in Wappingers Falls.

Stay secure in the Camry using the three-point seatbelt system. There are also latch anchors in the back of the vehicle for child seats of all sizes. DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota can demonstrate how to properly use the latches if you're unsure how to connect them with your seats.



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