The All-New Toyota 2020 Corolla Continues to Impress

The Toyota Corolla is a sleek, stylish, and popular midsize sedan. The Corolla line of vehicles has been providing drivers everywhere with reliable, comfortable, and powerful vehicles for many years and the most recent additions to the family continue this tradition. Some highlights of recent models include athletic design factors, driver awareness technologies, and robust connectivity tools.

When it comes to handling and performance, the design of vehicle suspensions is a key consideration. The Toyota Corolla addresses this need with a proprietary suspension system that offers a lower center of gravity and widely set tires that maximize stability and control.

In addition to enjoying peppy handling, Toyota Corolla drivers can also benefit from a raft of driver awareness enhancement technologies. Some samples of what drivers can expect are goodies such as Pedestrian Detection, Pre-Collision Systems, and Toyota Safety Sense.

The Toyota Corolla also keeps vehicle occupants well connected. It does so with robust connectivity tools such as the iconic Apple CarPlay service.



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