Checking The Important Parts of Your Vehicle

Getting on a schedule with the care that you give your Toyota can sometimes mean the difference in your vehicle lasting for several years or only a few. Making sure that the fluids are changed and that the electrical components are functioning as they should can deliver a smooth ride in Wappingers Falls for you and your family.

Monitor your battery as this is often the primary part of whether your Toyota will start or not. DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota can test your battery along with the alternator and starter to determine if all of the electrical parts are working properly together. Try to get the battery in your car checked before each major season as these are often the times of the year when this part fails the most.

Your brakes are another important part of your Toyota that you need to maintain. Listen for any odd noises from your brakes as well as any odd odors. If your vehicle begins vibrating or shaking while braking, then you should consider getting it checked by a professional.



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