There may be few truly innovative performance and handling sports cars on the road, but the new 2019 Toyota 86 definitely fits this definition. From its specially-designed boxer motor to its hands-on control surfaces, this sportster is an image of originality.

Enthusiastic power is a good description for the pep produced by the 2.0-L Boxer motor. Toyota’s proprietary power plant lies horizontally under the hood of the 86, from this position contributing to vehicle handling and reducing energy loss from friction. This powerful motor works hand-in-hand with a finely crafted, 6-speed transmission system that runs the gamut from automatic to full manual. Plus, race track minded drivers have the luxury of making use of the available paddle shifters.

Another factor that makes the 2019 Toyota 86 unique is its accurately calibrated rear differential gear ratio. The 86 employs a 40- 30-1 ratio setting which gives it an inordinate amount of torque at low end speeds. This makes it all the easier for this vehicle to takeoff quickly and negotiate tight curves.


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