Toyota Avalon is big on interior passenger space and cargo space as well as safety and efficiency, making it a top pick in the full-size sedan category. Avalon is also big on technology features, boasting plenty to satisfy an entire family's needs. Here are two such features our DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota team selected for your info.

Remote Operation by Smartwatch

Toyota Remote Connect transforms your Apple watch or compatible smartwatch into a fob that responds to both touch or voice commands. Use your compatible smartwatch or Apple watch to locate Avalon in a crowded parking lot, lock/unlock its doors and start its engine.

Full-Size Sedan Sound System

A full-size sedan needs a big, booming sound system. Avalon's premium 1200-watt sound system is the brainchild of JBL, with 14 speakers arrayed in a 7.1 configuration. The setup puts tweeters, mids and woofers in front, beside and behind passengers, creating a true surround sound experience inside the cabin. Hear Avalon's stellar surround system for yourself. Stop by our Wappingers Falls dealership for a fun, quick test drive.


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