Standard and available safety features get more high-tech every year. Each new generation of Toyota Highlander incorporates every major and minor, trending safety feature, adding to this sporty, powerful midsize SUV's undeniable popularity. Our DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota team members relish all of Highlander's safety features. We selected the following two to explain why.

Low-Light Pedestrian Detection

Pre-collision tech with automatic braking is fast becoming standard. Highlander does one better with its Low-Light Pedestrian Detection. The system even works in low-light conditions, boasting a radar and a camera that detect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in Highlander's path. The system issues both audio and visual alerts and brakes automatically if the driving scenario in Wappingers Falls proves faster than driver reflexes.

Tomorrow's Cruise Control

?Highlander controls vehicle-to-vehicle distance with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC). DRCC automatically adjusts your speed without deactivating cruise control. It also delivers video and audio alerts in instances when an even slower following speed becomes critical, ultimately braking if it detects an imminent collision. A Toyota Highlander test drive is the best way to acquaint yourself with all of its magnificent features. We'd love to meet you, so pop into our dealership today.


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