Quality tires provide excellent traction, steering, handling, and control. They're essential for reliable braking and stability. That's why at DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota, we're committed to helping locals determine the best times for tire replacement.

Extreme Vibration

When everything is well with your auto, you should be able to enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride every time you get in. Although some vibration is unavoidable while driving, too much often indicates an out-of-balance wheel. This may also mean that your tires are misaligned or that one or more tires is starting to fail. In some instances, excess vibration could indicate the need to replace your shock absorbers. If problems with vibration increase as you start to build speed, have your tires inspected right away.

Measure Your Tire Treads With A Penny

One of the oldest and easiest tricks for determining whether tires have reached the end of their lifespans is by measuring their treads with a penny. Simply insert a penny into the tread with Lincoln's head facing down. If you're unable to see the top of his head once the penny is in place, sufficient tread remains for ensuring good traction. This trick also works with a standard quarter. For expert tire replacement services and ongoing tire maintenance, drop by DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota today.


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