It’s not a bad idea to keep your gas tank full during anytime of the year, because no one wants to run out of gas. In the winter months, this makes even more sense. Did you know that there are certain dangers that can occur with low-level fuel tanks? Allow our team at DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota to explain that.

  • 1. Condensation can sometimes form in the empty areas of a gas tank. During winter, it’s possible for this condensation to freeze inside the gas lines, meaning that it will prevent your Toyota from starting. Make sure your tank is always more than half full to be on the safe side. Completely full is best.
  • 2. Fuel pumps can also fail when the tank is near empty all the time. Gasoline acts as a coolant. The gas pump can suck in air when the fuel level is low. Sucking in air generates heat that can cause the fuel pump to wear excessively over time.
  • 3. Dirt can also collect in fuel tanks. If dirt blocks the gas filter it can lead to expensive repairs down the road, but you have a better chance of avoiding this with more fuel in the tank.

DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota encourages you to fuel up for the winter and stay safe.

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